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Brocade placemat

Brocade placemat

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San Juan Cancuc, Chiapas

Tablecloth with a warp striped design, woven on a waist loom by Tzeltal artisans from the municipality of San Juan Cancuc in Chiapas. It was woven with two strands of cotton thread in a weft finish with fringes at both ends of the piece. Weft brocade with 6 threads that forms a two-tone grid in the design of the tablecloth.

Measurements : 35 x 46 cm
Materials : Cotton
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Aid to Artisans - Creative Learning Inc.

Aid to Artisans is a non-profit organization founded in 1976 with the goal of creating economic opportunities for groups of artisans around the world. In 2012 he joined Creative Learning, a non-profit organization that focuses on the protection of human rights and social and economic development, seeking to generate long-term social impact through its four branches.

In 2012 Aid to Artisans Mexico began its work seeing the need to have a local team and we currently work with artisans from Chiapas and the Yucatan Peninsula creating economic opportunities in economically vulnerable locations and/or where the housing situation and quality of life are at risk. risk.