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Four Winds Lamp

Four Winds Lamp

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El Carrizal, San Luis Potosí

The Four Winds Lamp is inspired by the flower of the four winds and is woven from palm fiber by Tének artisans from the community of El Carrizal in San Luis Potosí.

The flower of the four winds is one of the most important symbols of the Tének culture as it represents the flower of the universe: its center with noon and midnight, while its folds symbolize the cardinal points. This symbol is the materialization of ancestral intelligence regarding its knowledge of the universe, and the cardinal points teach us about the direction of the wind, the rotational movement of the earth, the notion of the time cycle and its relationship with water and life. of living beings.

This iconographic design has been inherited for generations, and woven in a spectacular way to beautify any interior space.

Craft technique: Natural fibers
Material: Palm
Measurements: 80 Ø x 20 cm
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