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Xumuapan fruit bowl

Xumuapan fruit bowl

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Xumuapan, Veracruz.

The Xumuapan fruit bowl is a tribute to the generosity of the jungles of southern Veracruz. Carved by the expert Agua y Monte group in cocuite wood, it represents the fruit and forest wealth of the region. In its quadrangular pyramid, polished with beeswax, the natural guardians are captured: the San Martín volcano and the Cerro de Santa Martha. Above this symbol, a traditional basket woven with semi-hard vines, created by Bertoldo Gómez and Esteban Martínez Jiménez from Zaragoza and Coacotla, in the municipality of Cosoleacaque. These artisans, custodians of ancestral techniques, collect and prepare the material with care, allowing each piece to be a tribute to the natural wealth of the region.

Artisan technique: Natural fibers.
Measurement: 40 cm x 27 cm x 40 cm.
Material : Vegetable fiber rattan and cocuite wood.

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Zerete is a project that seeks to directly promote basketry and craft production in southern Veracruz, through the creation of traditional and modern ornamental items of the highest quality; made from natural fibers, using ancestral, traditional techniques of this region of Veracruz.

We were born with the firm purpose of rescuing and promoting artisanal production in rural communities in the south of the state, generating a network of jobs and economic incentives for artisans in this area, in addition to form a platform for the dissemination and promotion of the cultural and craft heritage of southern Veracruz.