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Large Palm Basket

Large Palm Basket

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Chapala, Jalisco

Large palm basket made by expert hands of artisans in Michoacán.

This palm basket preserves the tradition of palm knot weaving. A piece with a lot of personality that provides a neutral accent with natural texture to any space.

Recommended for its versatility, you can use it as a laundry basket, in the bathroom to place towels, as a liner for indoor pots or as it best suits your home.

Craft technique: Natural fibers
Measurement: 40 Ø x 58 cm
Material: Palm

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TEKITI is a company dedicated to facilitating fair trade relationships between traditional Mexican artisan workshops and new buyers. Our value lies in solving problems and making things happen in a fair way to generate benefits for all parties and improve the working and living conditions of the artisans with whom we work.

Our mission is to make crafts an economically viable activity for the millions of people who dedicate themselves to it. To do this, while we promote fair and responsible trade in traditional artisan work, we seek to improve the conditions of exchange in both directions: the professionalization of artisan workshops and the awareness of customers through horizontality and dialogue.