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Sweet Earrings

Sweet Earrings

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Santa Clara del Cobre and Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán

Earrings made of hammered copper with a shiny finish by the family-owned copper company El Portón in Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán. Lower pieces of natural wheat straw woven and tied with golden rope by the Artesanías La Morada family business, in Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán. The development of this piece involved a great effort of coordination, dialogue and creativity between both workshops, which was encouraged by the Allied Organization. The mastery of the craftsmanship with both techniques can be seen in the final details of the earrings. The packaging of the piece is a bag for earrings woven from palm leaves by the group of artisans from San Luis Amatlán, in Oaxaca. Brass hooks and circles are 18k rose gold plated.

Care: It is recommended to avoid contact with water with the earrings and the palm packaging. It is recommended to avoid folding the straw as it is fragile.

Allied Organization : Petate.
Designer: Mariana Águila Alonso

Measures : 8x7x.5cm
Colors : Copper
Materials : Copper and straw
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Petate is a company that since 2014 has been making jewelry, furniture and interior design products, collaborating with artisans who work with vegetable fibers in different states of the country.

Our main purpose is to revalue the culture of the original peoples of Mexico, especially those focused on the use of vegetable fibers. With the incentive to generate long-term jobs, maintain traditions, use sustainable materials and generate products according to the contemporary market.

Our vision is that in the medium term we can help to reinterpret the importance of vegetable fibers and artisans in the culture, economy and education of our country.