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Textile Arrow

Textile Arrow

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San Juan Cancuc and Chenalhó, Chiapas

Yoga mat that combines two traditional craft techniques from the state of Chiapas: the backstrap loom that is woven in the municipality of San Juan Cancuc, in which the design of the warp and lines are distributed when assembling the loom and the traditional raised/counted embroidery of the municipality of Chenalhó. The embroidery design is the traditional iconography that the artisans create elevated/counted on the fabric, whether it is quadrillé, blanket or the same loom to shape the arrow. It is counted thread by thread, leaving the threads a little loose (around 12 threads) for the embroidery that will later "raise" using the same needle to give it the raised effect. It is woven in Cancuc by the group “Las Tejedoras” and embroidered in Chenalhó by the group “Flor de Margarita''.

Gentle hand washing without sizing is suggested, preferably with the garment inside out, drying without sun exposure. You can take it to the dry cleaners and have it dry cleaned .

Available for immediate shipment.

Technique: Waist loom and embroidery

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