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Tricolor Tecomate

Tricolor Tecomate

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Uruapan, Michoacan

The Embedded Maque consists of applying on wooden objects, or gourds, a paint made from earth and natural pigments; It has its origin in Mexico, in the Purépecha region, specifically in the city of Uruapan, Michoacán, which is considered the cradle of the embedded Maque. The origins of this technique go back to pre-Hispanic times, since these objects were used in ceremonies, however, the arrival of the Spanish marked a change, since new colors were introduced and their use was no longer for rituals. The process can be divided into three main stages: anchoring, drawing, and trimming and embedding. The Tecomate Tricolor is the result of the tradition of the technique with a contemporary graphic and its name refers to the three colors used in the piece.

Care of the piece: The care to keep a piece in its optimal state is very simple, but important - Avoid impacts against hard surfaces, clean with a dry stick, place in places without humidity and avoid direct sunlight. To protect the piece when it loses its shine, it is recommended to clean it with furniture oil or wax, it is important to always use colorless products. The pieces do not contain heavy metals and are not toxic or polluting.

Allied Organization: Saint Phalle Workshop
Designers: Atelier Saint Phalle
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