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Tixmehuac modular rug 3

Tixmehuac modular rug 3

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Tixmehuac, Yucatan

The decorative modular Tixmehuac rug is made by an artisan group of women from the municipality of Tixmehuac, located in the south of the state of Yucatán.

It is woven using the artisanal hammock weaving technique, and was designed and developed exclusively for this collection through the innovation of the same technique. The crepe stitch was applied with 100% cotton piola thread, making combinations of jasper and a mixture of solid colors,

The exquisite thing about the piece is seeing the interweaving of the colors and the fine finish. Dry cleaning is suggested for care and as a piece for interiors of homes, hotels and exclusive boutiques.

Care and maintenance: dry clean.

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