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Tilil Mat

Tilil Mat

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Tilil, Chiapas

This rug is made by women artisans from the Tilil Chamula group, in the Tilil community in the state of Chiapas.

The colors of this rug stand out for their originality and good taste, black with brown, blue and light blue embroidery, and beige, colors that stand out in the landscapes and vegetation of the Chamula community. The body of the rug was woven with a backstrap loom, a traditional technique that dates back to pre-Columbian times, and the embroidery was done entirely by hand with a technique known as contour filled stitch. Blue pompoms hang from the four corners of the fabric, giving the fabric vitality and enthusiasm.

Due to its size and colors, it can be used on any surface in the home, office, boutiques and hotels.

It is suggested to dry clean or hand wash, without scrubbing for care.

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Technique: Backstrap loom
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