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Pericón Rug

Pericón Rug

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Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca

Pericón Rug is part of the “Plant Tribute” collection that pays tribute to the pericón flower with which natural fibers can be dyed, obtaining yellow and orange colors. The collection is made up of rugs that place as protagonists the main plants used in the pigmentation of natural fibers.
Arteova , the group of artisans behind this work, used a base or warp of natural lamb wool as well as the weft or fabric, dyed with indigo.
Discover the authenticity of Teotitlán del Valle through this unique piece, where nature and artisanal skill converge in a tangible tribute.

Craft technique: Pedal Loom
Measurement: 60 cm wide x 100 cm long
Material: Natural wool and pericon flower

Dry cleaning is suggested for care, as sun exposure and the passage of time can subtly affect the original tones, impregnated with natural dyes.

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