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Skull Rug

Skull Rug

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Pena Blanca, Chiapas

Wool rug woven on a vertical loom with the knotting technique, by textile artisans from the Peña Blanca community, located in the state of Chiapas. The canvas is made with a cotton warp mounted vertically on a frame or loom made specifically for making this piece, where it is woven knot by knot to give the relief texture and create the skull figures. The vertical loom was specially created to develop these large-format pieces, it consists of a square frame that goes in front of the weaver, who places the warp or base threads around it vertically, with a cross to start weaving. This piece was intervened by more than 5 artisans who work online simultaneously and synchronously, they managed to have a textile tzompantli, made by hand with a complex technique that requires patience and great skill.

Care: Vacuum and dry clean recommended
Technique: Vertical loom
Measurements : Length: 250 cm, width: 250 cm
Colors : Ecru/Black/Brick
Materials : Wool and cotton

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