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Indigo Rug

Indigo Rug

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Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca

Indigo Rug is part of the “Plant Tribute” collection that pays tribute to the indigo plant (indigofera suffruticosa) with which you can obtain different shades of blue and green. The collection is made up of rugs that place as protagonists the main plants used in the pigmentation of natural fibers. This plant is very valuable in our country since wool, cotton and ixtle textiles can be dyed with it. The extraction process is arduous, the dyeing process involves great chemical and botanical knowledge, which is why the artisans treat it with such care and give great value to their pieces when they dye with this plant.

For its production, the artisans of the group called Arteova used a base or warp of natural sheep's wool as well as in the weft or fabric, dyed with indigo.

Dry cleaning is suggested for care. Being dyed with a natural dye, time and sun exposure can wear out its original color.

Available for shipping from January 15, 2021.
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