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SULJAA´ chair

SULJAA´ chair

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Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero.
Chair designed by the renowned designer Ramsés Viazcan, made with oak wood and with a handmade fabric with distinctive patterns and vibrant colors from the Amuzgos of Guerrero.

This piece is born from the 50-50 Guerrero Project, which involves indigenous teachers and students in Mexico and grants indigenous peoples the capacity for self-determination in educational terms as well as the empowerment of their culture and language.

Suljaa', Invites community members to use their language in public and private spaces, in an assembly or at a family dinner; In institutional spaces such as a speech or a school, it is a way of resisting the attacks that can be undertaken from power in search of annihilating a language and therefore a culture.

Ramsés Viazcan, was invited to represent our country with this piece of artisanal design at the Furniture Fair at the Salone Satellite, in Milan, 2024.

Craft technique: Hand weaving and carpentry.
Measurements: 54 x 86 x 45 cm.
Material: Solid oak wood and polypropylene cord.

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