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sun candle holder

sun candle holder

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Candle holder inspired by the rays of the sun that illuminate the community of Santa María Atzompa, Oaxaca, home of the Zárate Blanco family. The white clay was born from the creativity of the Zárate family who in their daily lives look for ways to innovate with the aim of generating new job opportunities and the white clay was one of the great results. To give the tone, before firing the pieces are covered with a special clay, which when heated results in an off-white color. Its manufacture can take more than 1 month, depending on its dimensions and details, since the artist's work begins with collecting the raw materials in local mines, then cleaning the collected clay and then preparing it and passing it to the manual wheel where the final shape is given; Once this process is completed, the decoration of the piece begins in which, with manual tools, the artisans create different openwork figures that represent representative aspects of their culture. This candle holder is a decorative piece that plays with shapes and light to give a warm atmosphere to your home. There may be variations in the size and shape of the pattern.

Technique: Pottery and ceramics
Measurements : 10 cm high x 15 cm in diameter
Colors : Orange piece with white base.
Materials : Clay
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