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Cross flower plate

Cross flower plate

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Texan of Palomeque, Yucatan

Circular tray made of Teak wood applying artisan techniques of cutting, splicing, assembly, extrusion and cross-stitch embroidery. Its sides have two heights, the handle is more extensive, the bottom has a flower embroidery pattern that covers almost the entire section.
No piece is the same, since in terms of design it was sought to establish a characteristic seal through the application of cross-stitch embroidery and the different shades that Teak wood offers through its veins. Finally it was covered with a special waterproofing.

Care: Do not expose directly to a heat source, clean with a slightly damp cloth, the product has a waterproofing agent, even so it is suggested not to wash and not to use any type of detergent.
Allied Organization: Legorreta Hernández AC Foundation
Craft group: Chuytikab
Artisan: Ariana González, Liliana Hernández, Virginia Rosas, Daniela Hernández, Odilia Merced, José Luis Espinoza, Felipe Casas, Jesús Espinosa, Ezequiel Ponce
Designer: Alejandra Báez
Craft technique: wood and embroidery

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