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Jaguar Herd

Jaguar Herd

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Amatenango del Valle, Chiapas

The Manada Jaguar piece is perfect for home decor. With a contemporary style, it can fulfill different functions when used as a fruit bowl or container. This particular product has been modeled, armed, polished and flattened entirely by hand by the Zepeda Díaz family. For its cooking, a traditional pre-Hispanic technique was used, called "open sky" where firewood and metal structures are used to support the pieces, prior to this it had to be dried and the temperature of the environment influences this process. To give the black tone, the piece is smoked, that is, it is left for a long time in the burning embers and covered with a large metal pan to drown or remove the oxygen and give that final tone. Amatenango has been characterized as one of the pottery communities par excellence in Chiapas, with its traditional jaguars, so this piece is an extraction and inspiration from such iconic creations by having small jaguar heads modeled and assembled by hand with the same clay.

Care: The mud can retain water, however its continuous use can cause changes in coloration. It is suggested to place in high places and be careful with the decorative outline of jaguar heads.
Measurements: 25 cm diameter x 17 cm high; 2.5 cm jaguar heads; 8 cm diameter legs
Colors: beige, natural from clay or black, natural from clay when smoked or deoxygenated
Materials: clay
Craft technique: pottery and ceramics
Allied Organization: Abuelita Borrego
Craft group: Zepeda Family
Artisan(s): María Zepeda Díaz, Paulina Díaz Gómez, Guadalupe Zepeda.
Designer: Abuelita Borrego

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It was born 5 years ago as a design studio, focused on decorative and utilitarian pieces. Its axis is co-creative processes together with women and men (in some cases) guardians of artisan techniques in municipalities of Chiapas, Oaxaca and San Miguel de Allende.

The study proposal is based on the constant experimentation of fibers, textures, shapes.

The studio works simultaneously on the exploration of concepts for the collections that are part of the catalog and the personalized design for special projects.

Currently, the Abuelita Borrego collection is made up of a line of traditional pottery and a textile line that includes pieces from the pedal loom, waist loom, and needle weaving.