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KUil Blue / Striped nightgown XL

KUil Blue / Striped nightgown XL

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Bayalemo Dos, Chiapas

Striped nightgown with a design inspired by the traditional men's shirt from San Andrés Larráinzar, Chiapas. This textile piece has been made on a backstrap loom with cotton threads, with a brocade technique in the central part and using a thread in the weft. The work woven on the traditional loom has been carefully made by hand.
It is recommended to wash by hand with the piece inside out.

Craft technique: Backstrap loom
Measurement: XL / 120 x 85 cm
Material: Cotton

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Guillermo Jester

One of the main drivers of the brand is the appreciation of the silhouettes of traditional indigenous clothing and the collaboration with artisans from Mexico, being the backstrap loom, pedal loom, embroidery and hand pleating the main techniques of our designs. In addition to the investigation of the techniques, iconography and worldview of all the elements belonging to the cultural identity of the groups with which we collaborate, we use design as a tool to revalue craft traditions.

Our brand pillars are: Timelessness, Circular fashion and sustainable processes, genderless and cultural identity.