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Zipiajo Orejón Vase

Zipiajo Orejón Vase

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The Orejón Vase is a piece modeled by hand and burned in the open air, for this, various materials are used, including cow dung. This process is known as majada. The Orejón vase is a unique piece with great meaning because in the darkest parts it preserves the record of the burning. Making large-format pieces for artisans is a challenge that is achieved with precision in these pots.
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Chamula Hecho a Mano

Chamula Hecho a Mano is a project that offers selected pieces of art from different states of Mexico. We are inspired by the work of the artisans and artists with whom we collaborate hand in hand and thus create proposals to harmonize spaces and encourage the use of traditional art in interior and exterior decoration projects. His philosophy consists of creating a better perspective of the value and use of handicrafts as well as promoting the permanence of techniques and traditions of the creators of the works.