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Atlahuilco Vase

Atlahuilco Vase

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Atlahuilco, Veracruz

Natural clay vase made without a lathe, only with hand tools. It is a unique piece of decoration that uses characteristic elements of traditional pottery from the municipality of Atlahuilco, such as the flowers and leaves in relief on the body of the piece. It is a piece that is burned in the traditional way with oak from the surrounding area, so it has brown and black marks characteristic of this tradition.

Leaking: It is normal for the clay to “sweat” a little at first, if this happens, “cure” your piece by submerging it for 24 hours in salt water.

Care: Wash your pieces before using them for the first time. After each use, wash them carefully with a sponge. Do not use dishwasher. Avoid storing them while they are wet. Avoid leaving a piece in water for more than three days, as it could soften and break.

Craft technique: Pottery and ceramics
Material: Clay
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