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Huipil Cajonos

Huipil Cajonos

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San Miguel Cajonos, Oaxaca

The Huipil Cajonos is woven on a pedal loom with hand-spun silk and dyed with natural dyes. Its shape is narrow, however with a great texture and beautiful drape due to the combination of threads and colors. The V-shaped neck at the front and back highlights any figure. A detail of silk cocoons with fringes stands out on the edge. It is a huipil of great versatility with the possibility of being used both on the beach and in the city.

Care: Dry clean suggested.
Craft technique: spinning and weaving on backstrap loom
Allied Organization: Denisse Kuri
Craft group: Biehni
Craftswoman: Brenda Zárate Ortega
Designer: Denisse Kuri

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