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hamaquero montejo

hamaquero montejo

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Coyoacan, Mexico City

It is made by artisans from Coyoacán, CDMX, with woodworking skills.

This hammock has its inspiration in the Yucatecan hammock hangers from the colonial era, which decorated and were used within the henequen haciendas or mansions.

They are made of Tzalam wood, with skillfully worked fretwork, bathed in a special oil for preservation and long life.

It is a must-have for home, hotels, boutiques and even offices.
Technique: Lathe and cabinetmaking
Measurements : 32 cm length x 12 cm width x 12 cm height

Colors : Depends on the natural color and texture of the wood.
Materials : Wood

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Rituales Mx

They are a design studio established in Mexico City with more than 20 years of experience. They have obtained international recognition for their extensive work in the field of design.

In their studio-workshop, they make pieces using natural materials and finishes that take care of the environment. They employ traditional joinery and weaving techniques, fusing traditional practices with contemporary design.