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Baptist cushion cover

Baptist cushion cover

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Bautista Chico, Chiapas

The “Pepen” cushion cover was made by artisans from the Social Enterprise of Artisanal Women of Bautista Chico, in Chiapas. The base fabric is 100% wool, to make it the artisans shear the sheep, clean the wool and then card it manually with the "kalax", then they prepare the warp, once the wool is warped it is given a bath of atole of corn to give resistance to the wool and they dry it in the sun, then they begin to weave it on the backstrap loom.

To obtain the black color, they use brown wool for the warp and black wool for the weft. Once the canvas is finished, the dyeing process begins. To do this, they must collect dyeing plants and black mud, which is placed together with the canvas in a pot. large over low heat, and must be stirred constantly for 2 days and 2 nights to obtain the black color. Finally they embroidered with 100% cotton thread. Acquire this piece and contribute to the reactivation of the artisans' economy.
Dry cleaning is suggested for care.

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Technique: Backstrap loom

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It is important to note that delivery time may exceed the aforementioned period due to the artisanal nature of our products, which are collected in the Yucatan Peninsula and require a variable collection time. Generally, the delivery period is approximately 7 days, regardless of the parcel company selected by the customer.

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