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Frontera Water Cooler

Frontera Water Cooler

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Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca

Portable cooler that lowers the temperature of the contained water up to 7°C in less than 30 minutes. The decrease in water temperature is achieved through the evaporative cooling process, which is possible thanks to the physical properties of Atzompa mud and the shape of the cooler. There are two circumstances that make it viable to propose the project with the Ruiz López Workshop: the inclination and willingness of the master artisan Rufina to collaborate with disciplines, and the aforementioned characteristics of Atzompa clay, which is a key factor in the process called evaporative cooling.

Care: Wash with a brush with soapy water

Allied Organization: ramsesviazcan
Designers: Ramsés Horacio Viazcán López

Measurements : 25.5cm x 8.5cm (diam)
Color : Clay (kiosk), anodized pink (Nana)
Materials : Atzompa clay
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