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Two Pines Bedspread

Two Pines Bedspread

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Zinacantan, Chiapas

It was made by artisans from the Dos Pinos group of the Zinacantan community, Chiapas, with backstrap loom and embroidery techniques, in blue and white colors but with multicolor embroidery.

The lines of this beautiful piece were arranged in a warp, in addition to placing a complementary embroidery between said lines; The erasing of the flowers is done by hand with a technique called filled stitch, the edges of the canvases have complementary embroidery, making their finishes an expression of the artistic mastery of the weavers.

This set consists of two cushion covers and the bedspread. Its delicacy, colors and finishes are perfect for adding beauty and culture to any space where it is used.

Dry clean and hand wash recommended.

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Technique: Backstrap loom and Embroidery

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