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Two Pines Bedspread

Two Pines Bedspread

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Zinacantan, Chiapas

Bedspread woven by hand on a waist loom by artisans from the Dos Pinos Zinacantán group, located in the municipality of Zinacantán, Chiapas. The arranged lines were assembled before weaving the canvas, in the warp process, and have complementary embroidery on the edges and edges of the textile. The mastery of the weaver is reflected in the good finishing of the edges.

On this canvas woven on a backstrap loom, an ancient technique, the fabric was used to place a complementary embroidery between the lines. This piece includes 2 cushion covers made with the same technique, with a decorative detail of flowers in the center, made with the technique known as filled stitch.

The combination is elegant and ready for any space. In this way, this textile will be able to dress a space through its design, cultural load and promotion of the economic sector.

It is suggested to dry clean or hand wash, without scrubbing for care.

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Technique: Backstrap loom and Embroidery

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