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Zinacantan Floor Cushion

Zinacantan Floor Cushion

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Zinacantan, Chiapas

This piece, made to be used as a cushion cover, has been woven on a backstrap loom with a traditional technique known as “jachum” with brocade, which is a supplementary fabric to the base fabric. Canvases were woven and joined by hand with a decorative stitch that requires great skill on the part of the weaver. In the end, it was finished off with metallic thread in the same color as the cushion, on the back it has “jachum” fabric, but with a thicker thread base.

Care: It is suggested to wash by hand without carving, or expose to the sun

Technique: Backstrap loom
Measurements : Length: 90 cm, width: 90 cm
Color : Beige/Coffee
Materials : Jute and cotton

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