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Nanche two-tone baskets

Nanche two-tone baskets

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Magdalena Peñasco, Oaxaca

The Nanche bicolor baskets are woven by the hands of 8 artisan women from the Magdalena Peñasco community, in the Sierra Mixteca of Oaxaca. The set is made up of 2 two-color round baskets of different sizes, where natural and yellow colors alternate inside and outside. These baskets fit inside each other and can be used for home storage, as centerpieces or wall decor.

Care: It is recommended to clean with a damp cloth and let it dry well before using or storing

Allied Organization: Tekiti

Measurements : Medium basket: 30cm in diameter x 9cm in height, Large basket: 40cm in diameter x 10cm in height.
Colors : Beige and yellow
Materials : Mixtec palm

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TEKITI is a company dedicated to facilitating fair trade relationships between traditional Mexican artisan workshops and new buyers. Our value lies in solving problems and making things happen in a fair way to generate benefits for all parties and improve the working and living conditions of the artisans with whom we work.

Our mission is to make crafts an economically viable activity for the millions of people who dedicate themselves to it. To do this, while we promote fair and responsible trade in traditional artisan work, we seek to improve the conditions of exchange in both directions: the professionalization of artisan workshops and the awareness of customers through horizontality and dialogue.