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Beige Rambutan table runner

Beige Rambutan table runner

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Chenalho, Chiapas

Table runner woven on a backstrap loom by the group "Las Caracolas" in the municipality of Chenalhó, Chiapas. This weaving technique is made with a weft thread on a line design prepared from the warp, on which the artisans embroider with a traditional technique called “raised embroidery”. In this technique, the artisans count the threads of the fabric using about 12 threads to give texture to the figures they form. The design on this table runner combines three different traditional iconographies called: "herringbone", "rambutan" and "star". In the finishes it has double tassels across the width of the table runner.

Care: Gentle hand washing without rubbing is suggested, preferably with the garment inside out, drying without exposure to the sun. You can take it to the dry cleaners and have it dry cleaned .

Technique: Backstrap loom
Measurements : Length: 174 cm, width: 33 cm
Colors : Beige/White
Materials : Industrial cotton

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