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Tutu Bag+Gala

Tutu Bag+Gala

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San Andres, Jalisco

This bag is made by Wixarika artisans from the community of San Andrés Chomiata, Jalisco.

The Tutú bag is made with beads with different representative figures of the Wixarika community.

On the one hand, the eye of god in vivid colors that symbolize the power to see and understand unknown things as the creator god who shaped the things of the universe would do. There is also a version with a deer head that represents a spiritual animal that is willing to show us the way to grow spiritually.

It is elegant and ideal to complement an informal or casual style.

Craft technique: Bead
Measurements: 72 x 12 cm
Gray and white | White and green | White and multicolor
Material: Bead
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