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Olga bag

Olga bag

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Tlapehuala, Guerrero

The braiding technique in Guerrero has been performed for more than 30 years and Tlapehuala is no exception. The making of this fine braid is made based on spirals with pieces in the machine that make this fabric the finest and most moldable in the area. Its most representative piece is the calentano hat. In the design process, led by the Zaavia Allied Organization, the hat applied to different pieces and products is given a new meaning, in this case a basket-shaped bag was designed. The piece is mainly made of palm and is complemented by leather to give rigidity, elegance and versatility. The leather handle is adjustable depending on the occasion for which it is used and the interior is made of cotton gabardine. The piece has differentiated characteristics in color and measurements for the limited edition of Ensamble Artesano

Care: Clean with a damp cloth, do not get wet and store in a dry and cool place.
Allied Organization: Zaavia.
Designer: Paloma Romero.

Measurements : 27 cm high x 50 cm wide mouth
Colors : Wine
Materials : Natural palm
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Zaavia was born in 2018 from a questioning about the situation of the current textile industry, which is the second most polluting in the world. The need to raise awareness about it is what led its founder, Paloma Romero, to create a project that promoted sustainable fashion.

It is a Mexican design brand whose objective is to create renewable and environmentally responsible products from materials taken from nature to transform them into pieces of organic art and functional design. Each one is handwoven by artisans with palm leaves using traditional techniques from the area.

We work in collaboration with artisans from the state of Guerrero through a fair business model that maintains the historical techniques of the area and at the same time incorporates experimentation and contemporary design. We want to promote a paradigm shift towards conscious, organic and functional fashion.