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Paradise blouse, gray

Paradise blouse, gray

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Paradise of Grijalva, Chiapas

Handwoven canvas by the artisan group Barrio Norte, Paraíso Grijalva located near Venustiano Carranza in the state of Chiapas. In this Tzotzil community, the artisan women make huipiles with brocade in the weave, that is, important symbols that represent the stars, the furrows in the earth for planting and fertility. These symbols are the traditional iconography and are embodied on the chest to give it greater importance. The Paradise Blouse has tradition and style to transfer its use to any location.
The Paradise Blouse has been woven with gray threads in the warp and gray threads in the weft, it can be said that it is a monochrome piece, gray on grey, and this makes it especially complicated in its elaboration, since it implies great dexterity and ability to the weaver to be able to follow the count of the threads that she has both in the base and in the designs that she draws with the other thread.
The fall that this piece has is due to the quality and thickness of the threads with which it was woven. Material selected exclusively to generate a unique and elegant huipil that illustrates the variation of geometric designs that the weavers of Paraíso embody.

Care : Dry cleaning or hand cleaning is suggested, without scrubbing for care
Craft technique: Backstrap loom

Measurements : 80 x 65 cm
Colors : Gray
Materials : Cotton

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