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Wick Blouse

Wick Blouse

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The Mecha blouse is inspired by a design of handmade blouses called Muki Napachala or Napácha, commonly worn by Rarámuri women. They have a square shoulder, a solid part at the front of the chest with pleats below and contrasting bias, they are commonly worn short with an undergarment. Originally made in blanket, now they are also made in fabrics with bright flower prints. We designed the pieces with Paula, a Rarámuri artisan in the sewing workshop, and with some design modifications such as using a little less fabric, changing the open neckline to the back and modifying the sizes, and adding the common spike embroidery. used by the Rarámuri, representing the mountains of the Sierra Tarahumara, we gave life to the Mecha Blouse.

Measurements : 43cm bust, 50cm length
Colors : Natural blanket embroidered with lead blue gray thread
Materials : 100% Cotton
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Casa Nortes

The mission of Casa Nortes is to attract income for a Rarámuri urban settlement in the City of Chihuahua, Mx. The pieces we offer are handmade by Rarámuri artisans and are inspired by their clothing, designs and ancestral techniques, creating only on request and in small quantities. For almost three decades, the Rarámuri sewing workshop has been directed and worked by women from the same community, led by Rarámuri artisan Paula Holguín. We have full transparency with the artisans and the public by breaking down the costs of each garment, to know where the money from each purchase goes, which you can find on our website, Instagram and printed on a transparency card that comes with each one. of our pieces.