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Feathered Serpent Robe

Feathered Serpent Robe

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Chenalhó, Chiapas
Unique piece.

This series of linen robes woven on a pedal loom by artisans in La Hormiga, highlighted embroidery of San Pedro Chenalhó, feather embroidery also in La Hormiga and silk lining assembled by hand, has a production time of 3 months per piece.

In this spectacular robe, a path of feathers has been embroidered that runs along the neck and the edge of the sleeve, referring to a feathered serpent, symbol of the Mayan god Kukulkan, fixing them by hand feather by feather, after having washed them and chosen them by size and color, result of the use of rooster meat in the preparation of food for families in their communities. Another key element is the highlighted embroidery, which is a traditional and iconic technique from Chenalhó, in the Highlands of Chiapas, achieving an elegant piece that protects and revitalizes the feather assembly technique in the textile, of great importance in the Mexican textile tradition. . Inside, there is a silk lining that protects the embroidery, in addition to becoming a piece of clothing with thermoregulatory properties.

This is a piece made with high quality linen, feathers and silk; designed exclusively for the Ensamble Artesano collection, woven, embroidered and detailed by hand by 2 artisan groups in San Pedro Chenalhó and La Hormiga in San Cristóbal, in the Altos de Chiapas, who arranged their ancestral knowledge in permanent dialogue applied in the same piece .

Gentle hand washing or dry cleaning is recommended for care.

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Technique: Pedal loom
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