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Zimatlan Bank

Zimatlan Bank

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San Antonio El Alto, Oaxaca

The braided palm bench was made by the artisans of the "Sembrando Vida" Women's Artisan Social Enterprise of San Antonino el Alto, Oaxaca. The palm is acquired in the region, since the palm is opened in 2 with a capotera needle, and later it is moistened with a cloth, once the palm is wet it twists giving the appearance of thread, and the weaving of The bench. When weaving, the artisans must apply force so that it is resistant and has a long duration. The name of the collection refers to the importance of the work of women artisans in artisan production.

Care: Dry clean suggested

Technique: Palm weaving

Measurements : 130 cm long x 45 cm high x 45 cm wide

Colors : Wood and natural palm
Materials : Pine and palm wood

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