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Valley Plates

Valley Plates

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Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico

This is a set of 6 hand woven rattan wicker plates. It has color variations in which the fiber is used in natural color and also dyed with black color. The fabric is made by the groups: El Manzano and Mesa Rica, originally from Valle de Bravo in the State of Mexico.
Rattan wicker is a vegetable fiber that is obtained from a bush of the willow family, the stem and branches of the plant are used to dry and then be woven.

Care: Clean with a damp cloth, brush or feather duster to remove any dust that may accumulate between the woven strips.
Allied Organization: MOSS

Measurements : 34 cm/diameter
Colors : Black center and natural edges
Materials : Natural fibers

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Given the conditions of poverty, lack of water and isolation of the El Manzano community, MUSGO was born in 2009 with the idea of ​​sustainably taking advantage of the natural and human resources of the area in favor of its inhabitants.

MUSGO is a productive craft project of Fundación VIA, IAP that seeks to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of El Manzano in Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico and other surrounding communities, through job training, education and fair trade.

Our community center located in the El Manzano community has a fully operational workshop, a high school classroom, a multipurpose sports court, a library, and a doctor's office. Here craft training workshops are held and music and English lessons are taught, special courses to improve calligraphy, reading comprehension, ethics and grammar, in addition to having the INEA program for adult education, as well as courses Of summer.