About the material

The wood carving technique to make decorative objects begins in Mexico with sacred art. In some parts of this country, carnivals are held where wooden masks are used to represent biblical passages. It begins with a thick and rough piece of wood, which is cut with a machete until it has a final figure that is detailed with gouges and knives to finish with sandpaper. The wood has to go through drying and decontamination processes to avoid further damage. Wood carving is of great importance and can be classified into sacred art, furniture, decoration and ritual art.


In the collection you will find pieces made in the states of Campeche, Yucatán, CDMX, Quintana Roo and the State of Mexico. The artisan groups of these regions dedicate their talents to the preservation of the wood carving technique.

Thanks to the allied organizations that strengthen the artisan groups of wood carving in Ensamble Artesano