The technique

It consists of melting the metal to create different works and styles to protect buildings. This technique was introduced to Mexico with the arrival of the Spanish. All social classes participated in this trade, mainly to make altarpieces and sacred art. In metalwork we can find the embossing technique and Mexico is a great exhibitor of this technique. It consists of drawing a figure on sheets of malleable metal to later cut and give dimension to the flat surface. With this technique, furniture is also developed through a wrought iron process, where the material is melted and with a contrast of temperatures, the desired shape is given.


In the collection you will find pieces made in the states of Michoacán, Yucatán and CDMX. The artisan groups of these regions dedicate their talents to the preservation of the metalwork technique.

Thanks to the Allied Organizations that strengthen the metalwork artisan groups in Ensamble Artesano.