carpet knotting

About the material

To make a rug, the rug knotting technique is used, which consists of placing a wooden or metal frame adjusted to the size required for the final piece, this tool is called: frame loom or high smooth, which it is placed in front of the weaver or weaver with threads mounted vertically, called "warp". The warp can be so dense, that is, have many or few threads, everything will depend on the final design of the rug to be made.

The weaving is done linearly and in order to make each knot, thread is wound around the base threads and a weft line or two must be passed through, thus securing the knot. The excess is cut one by one to leave the carpet texture, as well as the length and shape are determined by the weaver, who can make up to 8,000 knots in an 8-hour workday.


In the Ensamble Artesano collection you will find pieces made in the states of Chiapas and the State of Mexico. The artisan groups of these regions dedicate their talents to preserve this traditional technique.

Thanks to the Allied Organizations that strengthen the artisan groups that make carpet knotting for the Artisan Ensemble