Warped (macrame)

about the material

Textile technique that through handmade knots with different gauges and types of cotton or wool thread, create different products. This technique is of vital importance since it arises from human needs such as lying down, fishing, hunting and gathering. The knots were made to complement tools that will help cultivate the land and develop livestock, with the hands being the only tool necessary to make all kinds of products. The development of knots in many cultures was also a type of writing. Hammocks are a good example of weaving with a warp where by nailing wooden sticks to the ground a frame is formed where knots are interwoven to make a net that supports human weight.


At Ensamble Artesano we work with artisan groups that are dedicated to the preservation of this technique in the states of Yucatán, Campeche and Querétaro.

Thanks to the Allied Organizations that strengthen the artisan groups of warping (macramé) in Ensamble Artesano