Saddlery and leather goods

About the material

Technique with which products are made from different animal skins. The difference between saddlery and leather goods is the leather finish. While in saddlery it is done for work that is smooth, leather goods embed designs with metal stamps on the final product. It is said that the first is used for objects that go on animals and the second for objects that are used by humans. Leather goods can be worked on any thick surface, not necessarily the skin. The term comes from the Moroccan artisans who were the best in this type of work. Talabarteria comes from talabarte, which is the belt used to carry some type of bladed weapon.


At Ensamble Artesano he collaborates with artisan groups that are dedicated to preserving this traditional technique in states such as Mexico City, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Michoacán and Jalisco through the commercialization of products.

We thank the allied organizations for fostering and promoting the production of artisan design through the practice of saddlery and leather goods