stone and lapidary

About the material

Technique that is based on giving shape and volume to the stones. In pre-hispanic Mexico it was carved by hand with dexterity, skill and patience, giving perfect polished finishes. This process begins by making a cut with a diamond saw, preforming the stone with a silicon carbide disc table and finishing with a machine with sandpaper and water with diamond dust. In the case of Ensamble Artesano, the Allied Organization Taller de Obsidiana created a special tool to be able to produce the objects for sale on our platform. The art of carving stone is one of the most important manifestations of the civilizations developed in Mesoamerica.


At Ensamble Artesano we work with artisan groups that are dedicated to the preservation of this technique in the states of Yucatan and the State of Mexico.

Thanks to the allied organizations that strengthen the stone and lapidary artisan groups in Ensamble Artesano