About the material

The chaquira is a type of bead made of cut glass or plastic, it can be gold or silver plated. The small beads are used to create pieces of different sizes and uses, from jewelry and costume jewelery, utilitarian objects, textile decoration, accessories to large-format pieces.

In Mexico, there are different craft techniques that use beads, for example, weaving on a loom in which the beads are assembled on a thread, just like in embroidery. They are also glued with Campeche wax (made from beeswax) that is placed on a surface to draw traditional decorative or iconographic details, and they are glued bead by bead.

Although this technique arose after the pre-Hispanic era, before the arrival of the Spanish, decorative objects were already made with jade, turquoise and obsidian beads. The ability to design with beads is linked to native peoples in Mexico such as the Wixaritari who have developed expressions directly linked to the creation of pieces that represent the worldview of their culture.

In the Ensamble Artesano collection you will find pieces made in the states of Jalisco, Chihuahua and Oaxaca.

Thanks to the allied organizations that strengthen the artisan groups that master the bead technique in Ensamble Artesano