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Artificer Set (4 cup holders)

Artificer Set (4 cup holders)

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San Martin de las Pirámides, State of Mexico

Hand-carved by artisans from the Teotihuacán region, this set of 4 obsidian and chalcedony coasters carries with it the heritage of thousands of years translated into the mastery of handling these volcanic stones. Forged in fire, obsidian was one of the most important ritual materials in pre-Hispanic Mexico and throughout Mesoamerica. Typically used for arrowheads, spears, ritual knives, necklaces, sceptres, urns, and sculptures. This set is part of the Ensamble Artesano collection, transmitting the sobriety of the material of an unmistakable black, combined with the unique veins of chalcedony, another volcanic stone typical of the central region of the country and with properties close to quartz. Both materials combine to give your table a contemporary identity in design and meaning through the legacy they convey.

Technique: Stone and lapidary
Measurements : 10 cm diameter x 10 cm depth x 1 cm height
Colors : Black
Materials : Obsidian and chalcedony

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Taller de obsidiana

Taller de obsidiana has a legacy of three generations in Teotihuacán. In 1957, Silvano Cuevas began in the obsidian lapidary trade, later Gerardo Cuevas, his son, continued the tradition and perfected the technique. The third generation, the brothers Topacio and Gerardo Cuevas create Taller de Obsidiana, a contemporary design brand that evolves into a studio.