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Ahuil candle holder

Ahuil candle holder

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Tlanipatla, Guerrero

Candle holder inspired by the artisanal work of Guerrero wood carving. It was born from the collaboration with 3 artisans from Tlanipatla, Guerrero. Currently they are the only family in the community that is dedicated to wood carving. Mauro López Sandoval, father of Antonio and Mauro López Bautista, was the one who decided to learn the technique in order to inherit it for his children. Finally, it should be noted that women and children from the same family participated in sanding and inking the pieces.
It is a utilitarian and decorative piece for the home that plays with traditional Guerrero techniques. Includes two candles.

Care: It is suggested to avoid direct exposure to the sun and contact with liquids and fire. To clean stains, you must wipe absorbent towels over it, do not wet it and do not wash it. not suitable for outdoor
Allied Organization: MA Estudio
Designer: Melissa Ávila

Measurements : Inked in walnut
Colors : 20 x 8 cm
Materials : Pine

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