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Suku Saama Poncho

Suku Saama Poncho

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Santa Maria Huazolotitlan, Oaxaca

This piece made with the design mentorship of Judy Cuevas and Cynthia Gómez gives a contemporary vision to the traditional clothing of Huazolotitlán, since it uses in a different way the traditional paintings of the Huipiles of the Oaxacan coast The Poncho Suku saama is made of linen and each stitch is made with precision in cotton thread by the Afroditas de Huazolotitlan group in this piece designed in a participatory process. Suku saama means embroidered pictures in Ñuu Savi.

Care: Dry clean.
Designers: Judy Cuevas and Cynthia Gomez
Partner Organization: Niu Matat Napawika Binational Women's Network Cooperative

Measurements : 88 x 87 cm
Colors : Black
Materials : 100% linen fabric, cotton thread embroidery
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