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Mask The Three Caballeros

Mask The Three Caballeros

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Tzintzuntzan, Michoacan

Woven mask with wheat sticks, also called wheat straws, moistened to facilitate handling on a metal wire base. This botarga-like piece is inspired by the link between Mexico and the brand created by Walt Disney after World War II, who generated a film where animated characters visit the state of Michoacán. The weaving artisans of Tzintzuntzan, the land of the hummingbird, have met the challenge with great skill to bring tradition to unique sculptural pieces.

Care: It is suggested to dust and wipe with a dry cloth for care.
Technique: Natural fibers
Measurements : Width: 38 cm, length: 50 cm, height: 70 cm
Colors : Natural wheat
Materials : Wheat straws

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Desarrollo Rural Sustentable LU'UM AC

Taller LU ́UM is an interior design and industrial design office that functions as the “economic arm” of LU ́UM AC Through collaborative design, we generate income for more than 13 groups of artisans, as well as small specialized trade workshops in CDMX and surroundings.

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