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Mangrove Canvas Print

Mangrove Canvas Print

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Tankuché, Campeche

The Manglar Canvas is a collection piece that includes 3 pieces that demonstrate the possibilities and potential of the materials and techniques of the artisan communities of the Yucatan Peninsula. Using combed and corked sansevieria fiber, this canvas reveals the different options that a single material can offer.

Includes 3 identical canvases.

Artisanal technique: Natural Fibers

Measurements: 50 x 58 cm

Materials: Henequen and tzalam wood

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Taller Maya

Taller Maya is a collective brand of Mexican design made up of a multidisciplinary creative team that collaborates with artisan social enterprises established in the Yucatán Peninsula, working for the promotion and development of the living Mayan culture.

We are a platform for social and economic development, which is why we work together with artisanal social enterprises to strengthen formal value chains and generate sources of sustainable income for rural Mayan communities in the Yucatán Peninsula, all through the creation and commercialization of artisan pieces with history and cultural value.

At Taller Maya, we work for the integration and access to the global market of artisanal social enterprises under fair trade conditions, and for the recognition of the importance of the living Mayan culture.