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Black Jalab Huipil

Black Jalab Huipil

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San Juan Cancuc, Chiapas

Huipil of two canvases with a V-neck neckline, woven on a waist loom with industrial cotton by the groups “Cuatro Rombos” and “Jalab Antsetik” using the fraying and brocade technique called "xchilul" with which the artisans weave traditional motifs of Cancuc across the width of the canvases.

When finished, the two canvases are joined with a stitch known to weavers as a “worm.”

Gentle hand washing without sizing is suggested, preferably with the garment inside out, drying without sun exposure. The unraveling must be treated delicately and try not to use pointed objects that can get tangled with the threads. You can take it to the dry cleaners and have it dry cleaned .

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Technique: Backstrap loom

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