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Lidxi Cushion Cover

Lidxi Cushion Cover

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Santa Rosa de Lima, Oaxaca

Cushion cover with floral embroidery, its name is Lidxi, which in Zapotec means house. This piece made by artisans from Santa Rosa de Lima, agency of San Blas Atempa in the isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca. The artisans used black fabric for the base and chain embroidery, all the material is 100% cotton. Inspired by the blouses they traditionally make, they transferred the technique to a piece that can be used for home decoration.

Care: It is suggested to wash by hand, without scrubbing or dry cleaning
Technique: Embroidery
Measurements : 76 cm long, 50 cm high
Colors : Grey/Salmon/Coffee
Materials : Cotton

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