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Chachan fruit bowl

Chachan fruit bowl

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Cachán de Echevería, Michoacán

Fruit bowl with a base made by Nahua women potters from Cachán de Echevería, Michoacán, a community located on the Michoacán coast where clay has been worked for personal use since pre-Hispanic times. Pieces modeled and burnished with sea stones, are characterized by their chocolate color, the result of the medium reduction they make during cooking. The group currently has a smoke-free wood-fired kiln supported by the National School of Ceramics, which has benefited their health and the environment.

Measurements : 24.7 cm Ø x 12.7 cm / 28 cm Ø x 15.3 cm
Colors : Chocolate
Materials : Clay
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No me olvides MX

No me olvides MX is a project that promotes marketing with different pottery communities in the country seeking horizontal and respectful practices, in order to promote appreciation for this trade and its different processes.

No me olvides MX has focused its interest on pottery families and groups in the states of Michoacán, Oaxaca, Puebla and Chiapas.

Michoacán is one of the states with which it has collaborated the longest; in Capula, Santa Fé de la Laguna, Tzintzuntzan, Zinapécuaro, San José de Gracia and recently Cachán de Echeverría and Santa Cruz de Cachán, on the coast.

Founded in 2018 by the designer and photographer Juz Escalante and Isadora Cuéllar, a visual artist and independent researcher, out of a need to know and study Mexican ceramics in its different latitudes, and gradually integrate new families, techniques and finishes.