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The sapote boy Throw Pillow

The sapote boy Throw Pillow

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Santa Maria Xadani, Oaxaca

Machine-embroidered cushion cover with the technique known as “chain” by the Guelaze group of artisans, from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca. This piece belongs to a collection of cushions inspired by the patios of the artisans' houses, which are places full of life, hope and new beginnings. Graphic abstractions of the tree that bears the chico zapote fruit were developed and resulted in this piece, made with a linen base embroidered with cotton.

Care: Dry clean suggested for care.
Technique: Embroidery
Measurements : Length: 40 cm, width: 40 cm
Color : Cream/Green/Yellow
Materials : Linen and cotton

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